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7 MAY 2001

Subject: False charges against me
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 09:33:45 +1000
From: James Kelly
To: "''"
Hello, Well I'm guessing that I'm writing to Raymond Hoser but anyway heres
my story.
My name is James Kelly I'm 18, have had my licence since the 2/02/01
and I live in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula in VIC. Early Sunday
(6/05/00) morning about 4:00am I was driving home from a friends house in
Frankston after falling asleep there.
On starting my car at his place I had blown a fuse, this fuse was for my
tail and brake lights not normally affected by this fuse but my dash lights
had also failed. So I was driving with no brake, tail or dash lights home.
The speed limit of the journey ranges from 60-90kph. When I reached
Somerville and turned into a side street I was pulled over by Police. They
asked "Do you have any Idea how fast you were travelling down Frankston
Flinders rd tonight?, we've been following you since Frankston". (Now that
night there was so much fog you couldn't see 20m in front of the car) I
replied "about 70-80" the sarcastically said "what miles don't fucken shit
me we've clocked you at approx 140kph" I asked to see thew reading because I
new I wasn't going that fast to which they replied it's called my bloody

Well I copped a $300 fine, 6 demerit points and 4 months loss of licence
commencing in 27days now. Should I challenge this charge is it worth it,
what should I do?
I know your probably busy but any advice would be great.

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