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The illegal ban on Hoser corruption books - Police are now using strong-arm tactics to enforce it.

Several bookshop owners across Victoria have recently contacted us at Kotabi Publishing to complain that they have been getting full-blown police raids every fortnight from gun-toting police officers. Included are bookshop owners in Melbourne city and Geelong.

The Policemen have been unlawfully threatening and telling the bookshop owners that they will be jailed for selling Hoser corruption books, in particular the formerly top-selling book - "Victoria Police Corruption".

Late last year the Victorian Police side lost a series of high-profile court cases aimed at legally banning the books.

Thus these latest threats are illegal.

The publishers, Kotabi are currently seeking to have these unlawful threats removed. In the meantime the books can be ordered on the internet from and mirror sites.

For further details about the illegal ban - refer to the media releases from last year and/or other sites at:

Meanwhile the illegal drug trade continues in the streets immediately adjacent to these bookshops - solely because the Victoria Police hierarchy have decided that banning books about their corruption is more important than stopping illegal activity and/or saving the lives of our youths.

For further information ring (in Australia):
(03) 98574491

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