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8 July 2000 - People from all over the world are now protesting the Australian governments illegal banning of two best-selling books about corruption in Australia.

In the lead up to the Sydney Olympics, Australia has come under fire for its heavy-handed suppression of free speech.

Following the set-up of a dedicated protest website, the Australian government has been inundated with protests from all parts of the globe including the USA, Germany, France, UK and even China the latter country itself usually associated with things like censorship.

Politicians across Australia are complaining that their e-mail boxes are full of protest mail and a number have written directly to the Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls seeking an immediate removal of the ban.

The website at

is itself situated in Texas USA out of reach of Australia's tough censorship laws.

Yesterday the site webmaster said that under no circumstances would he listen to the illegal threats by the Australian government to wipe the site.

Furthermore another USA site has possession of the corruption books on CD and will commence selling them online to Australians from the USA in the event that the Australian government doesn't lift the unlawful bans.

The two banned books, Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2 were subject of an injunction to have them banned in April, but the government side failed. In other words the current ban is illegal.

The ban commenced when the Victorian Government sent letters to all Australian booksellers telling them to stop selling books or go to jail.

Those letters are posted at

The mainstream Australian media has been "D-noticed" not to report the story but it has been reported widely outside Australia as far afield as Asia and Europe. The non-reporting of the book banning story is even more ironic given that its been a 'slow news week' in Australia.

Australia has now lost the right to lecture third world countries about censorship, human rights and similar matters now that its own government and compliant media has become the biggest offender.

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