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11 June 2000

So the saga goes on.

Today's "Sunday Herald-Sun" ran a so-called news story about Police illegally accessing material from their computer and selling the information. This so-called "news" was accurately reported nearly a year ago in the book "Victoria Police Corruption" by Raymond Hoser. This information was published in chapter 31 titled "Secrets for sale - The Police and their computers".

The story in the "Sunday Herald-Sun" claimed that their information had come from the Ethical Standards Division (ESD) of the Victoria Police. The reality of course is that they had little choice but to confirm that what Hoser had put in his book was totally spot on (as usual).

However because of the D-Notice against using the name Raymond Hoser or ever mentioning his books by name, the paper had to attribute the information from another source.

Unlike the "Sunday Herald-Sun" which refused to name the police who were illegally trading in police records, Hoser's books names the offending officers. Some of these are people who have been highly decorated with Police and other government honours.

Now bearing in mind that Hoser's books published this information more than ten months ago, it seems that if you want the news about Police corruption in Victoria you are better off buying a Hoser corruption book rather than waiting a year or so for "sanitized" old news to be touted in the daily rags as "scoops", "exclusives" and other misleading titles.

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