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April 2001 - Letter to the editor:
Cash for Minister a denial of democracy.

We read with dismay that the communications Minister Richard Alston is "selling" his meeting rights at $7,500 a pop, and then his minder's official defence of this rort being that people in the IT sector can still gain access to him (Age 16 March 2001).
As far as we are concerned the latter statement is a lie.
We have been trying to meet with him since 1998 without success to discuss IT matters and internet censorship policy, only to be told that he is "too busy" to see anyone such as ourselves.
We are a GST paying small business in the publishing and IT sector, run several internet domain name servers (originally in Australia, but now we've moved mainly offshore because of the poor legislative regime in this country) and employ a number of people.
Alston's own actions have forced us to invest in the United States creating jobs there, rather than here in Australia, which is something we would have preferred.
Clearly Mr. Alston and the rest of the Liberal Party are more concerned with looking after their own personal interests rather than actually listening to their own constituents or properly managing the economy.
In our case we are Alston's immediate constituents and our business in Doncaster is just over a km from Alston's electorate office in Box Hill (which seems to be closed for 90% of normal business hours).
Our own lack of access to government ministers such as Alston is mirrored by numerous other small and medium business operators and yes, it seems that unless you are one of the chosen few who can call on special favours and bailouts (including Johnny Howard's little brother), then you are in the cold as far as this government is concerned.
When Alston's party gets thrown out of office next election - because of the recession his own government has caused, he will only have himself and his party to blame.
Raymond Hoser,
Kotabi Publishing and IT,
Physical address:
41 Village Avenue,
Doncaster, Victoria, 3108,
Home: (03) XXX
Mobile: 0412 777 211

This letter was sent to several media outlets including the major Sydney and Melbourne papers. None published it. The only exception was The Strategy April 2001 (vol. 10 (no. 113), page 15) a newspaper available only by subscription and with a reputation for telling the truth, regardless of whether or not it upset's Australia's self-appointed ruling elites.
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