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Inverell Forum - 2001

Second set of photos from the forum - Australia's leading independent forum on political discussion, politics and corruption - sponsored by "The Strategy" - Australia's quality newspaper.

Below: Jim Downing - ex Qld Cop. Quit due to corruption and his refusal to lie in court. Yellow shirt and glasses.

Below: Organisers, Don and Robert Balgarnie (back).

Below: Wendy Scurr (Spoke on Port Arthur with A. Macgregor) and friend.

Below: Organiser of forum - Don.

Below: Eustace Von Risfer (and wife) - from Gold Coast (Dark suit - sitting and blue tie) - spoke about the Chinese triads in Australia.

Below: Organisers, Robert and Mrs. Balgarnie.

Below: Tony and Pat Pitt (seated) - Tony (blue shirt - red and purple tie), Pat, red top - Editor: "National Interest" Newspaper - well worth subscribing to.

Below: Ron Thorp - with a board plugging the GST satirically he was wearing a green hat and a green top.

Below: Speaker: Antonia Feitz - Reddish pink Top - wearing glasses.

Below: View of main conference area.

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