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Whistleblower - Ian Kay - Update - 2 May 2003

It seems that a barrage of protest to various media outlets, politicians, prison authorities and the like has had some success in forcing the Victorian Government to reconsider their plans to certify whistleblower Ian Kay and then neuter him by abusive psychiatric "treatment".

(This would have been a repeat of other known cases of psychiatric abuse of whistleblower prisoners Robert Craig and Bob Kerr, both of whom have literally had their brains fried by corrupt government authorities in the Victorian Prison system).

Today (2 May 2003) we were advised that Kay had instead been shunted out to Fulham Prison (Sale), where he is expected to remain incarcerated until 4 August this year.

Ian Kay had been locked up on false pretenses since 4 April this year on the basis of a letter of complaint sent to some politicians, which had him charged with "stalking".

Noting that a "stalking" charge is the likely consequence of any contact with a politician, makes a mockery of any pretence Australia has to being an open democracy.

Kay has an appeal hearing set down for 9 May this year, but a contact within the Attorney General's department has advised us already that the result has been predetermined (before any hearing) and that Kay will lose and remain incarcerated until 9 August this year.

Ian Kay wishes to thank those who have given him support and publicized his plight as a result of his corruption whistleblowing activities.

In recent years, Kay has blown the whistle on corruption in the "family court", the Magistrates and County Courts in Victoria, and the Victoria Police.

Contrary to false rumors (maliciously spread by Steven Mayne, the ex-Spin Doctor for the failed Kennett Government) he is NOT a "blackshirts" member, although he agrees with a number of their arguments in terms of the anti-family and anti-children bias of the Family Court, arguments and claims of which are backed up by statistical analysis of the Family Courts orders.

Federal Government figures show that in Australia three men a day commit suicide after the Family Court makes orders preventing them from having access to their children.

It is Kay's continuing to highlight this fact that seems to have landed him in strife and given him this latest "charge".

Kay was jailed on the false basis that he breached a previous court order, the order of which was both improperly and illegally made against him.

It is also noted that the Victorian Legal Aid Commission (VLA) has illegally refused to provide Ian Kay with legal representation, even though he is entitled to it.

We also note that VLA has offered the best legal representation money can buy to corrupt drug traffickers, pedophiles and others.

The VLA should be overhauled and perhaps disbanded due to it's abuse of position and dereliction of duty as it appears to be operating as a gross waste of taxpayer's money.

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