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Herpetologists In The Flesh

Freehandling Venomous Snakes - none are venomoid!
Warning: This is not recommended
(Death may result)

Below: Inland Taipan
Oxyuranus micolepidotus.

Below: Coastal Taipan
Oxyuranus scutellatus.

Below: Coastal Taipan
Oxyuranus scutellatus.

Below: Eastern Brown Snake
Pseudonaja textilis.

Below: Eastern Tiger Snake
Notechis scutatus.

Below: Lowlands Copperhead
Austrelaps superbus.

Below: Collett's Snake
Panacedechis colletti.

Photos of Taipan bites!

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More photos of Raymond Hoser "free handling" highly venomous snakes (Taipans only) including as high resolution downloads.

Taipan Taxonomy - including a new subspecies.

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