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Herpetologists In The Flesh.

This is a compilation of photos taken by Raymond Hoser over 30 years preceding year 2000 and the period since. Included are photos of a substantial portion of the world's leading herpetologists and other reptile people from Australia, The United States and elsewhere.

Shown are just some of the many thousands of photos of herpetologists in Raymond Hoser's archives.

All are copyrighted ©. All rights are reserved. Any reproduction, mirroring, storage in any form by any means, etc, is strictly forbidden, unless written permission is given.

As all the photos in the compilation belong to Raymond Hoser, no permission was sought by him or required before they were placed on the internet. They are provided as a service to the herpetological community. The photos are also provided as a service to government officials who may wish to arrest the person/s depicted. Raymond Hoser and his agents do not accept any liability for wrongful arrests or other matters that arise from viewing the photos shown on these sites.

There is minimal biographical and other information accompanying these photos due to a lack of time by Raymond Hoser when compiling the site. More photos will be added to the archive as time permits. As some of the photos are fairly old, the persons depicted may look substantially different to the views shown. Location information given for each person is usually where they live, were born, or have spent a substantial amount of time. This may or not reflect the whereabouts of the person at the time the site is viewed. To that extent only, the information presented may not be accurate.

As a rule submissions from other photographers for this archive are NOT accepted. However consideration will be given if the submitting person, owns the photo and rights to the photo being submitted and at the same time transfers all rights including unrestricted copyright to Raymond Hoser and his agents. Raymond Hoser and his agents, will however undertake to name the original photographer as appropriate if and when such photos are used. Raymond Hoser and his agents also guarantee that they will not intentionally misrepresent the photos as their own.

No complaints relating to these photo archive sites will be entertained or responded to unless they pertain to the factual nature of material presented. Any other complaints will be ignored.

Photos will be continually added to the online archive as time permits.

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