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Corruption Author's Book Causes Royal Commission Into Intergraph

From the Frankston Standard, 8 November 1999, page 26.

Author claims inquiry credit

The man who finished distant last in Frankston East's 16-candidate by election, Raymond Hoser has claimed some credit for Victoria's likely Royal Commission into the awarding of the Intergraph contract. One of Mr. Hoser's two books about Police corruption included his concerns about the appointment process, payments, debts, use of taxes, possible criminal charges and lack of follow-up action by the government.

Intergraph was appointed in 1994 as the government's emergency services despatch contractor, and events leading to its appointment, and its service standards have been the subject of much debate. Mr Hoser said last Wednesday he expected to be vilified as one of the first writers to tackle corruption, but he also expected authorities to progressively pursue his issues in time.

"A Royal Commission into Intergraph is better than no Royal Commission, but at the end of the day, it probably won't make much difference," he said.

"Yes, I feel vindicated. When a book comes out, it's pooh-poohed, but as time goes on, its sections are used to push through charges."

Mr. Hoser said he had no animosity towards police, and he believed his by-election vote just 11 primaries was because few people knew of him or his police corruption publications, and that he had not campaigned after learning that there were 16 candidates at the close of nominations.

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