Frankston East independent candidate, Raymond Hoser has launched a high-graphics website as part of his election campaign. The websites are part of his push to become known to his electorate as fast as possible. Hoser's internet websites have caused the Kennett government grief in the past. In 1996 following three failed attempts to have him legally censored through the Supreme Court, a Kennett Government MP, Victor Perton illegally had his websites removed from his Internet Service Provider.

According to Starway Corporation manager, Jim Harambildis, Perton simply rang up and told him, 'Close him down or we'll close you down'. Harambildis took the threats seriously and immediately wiped Hoser's sites.

Hoser evaded the illegal censorship by moving all his sites offshore to the USA where they have been ever since. Hoser also owns the sites and says 'corrupt politicians can try all they like, but they won't censor the truth coming off my websites'.

Hoser's Frankston East campaign site is at:

and mirror sites

Hoser is a zoologist and taxi driver by trade as well as an author of seven books including the recent top sellers Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption - 2. Those two books were released on August 2 this year and are believed to have contributed to the substantial swing against the Kennett government in last weekend's election. It is also understood that the release of the books was one of the factors leading to Premier Jeff Kennett rushing to the polls earlier than expected.

Both books have several chapters detailing previously unreported corruption involving Kennett and his government and over 10,000 copies sold in less than a month, forcing the production of further copies.

Hoser has pledged to use his position if elected to push for more accountability in government and an end to the corrupt special deals that have characterized the Kennett government and the Cain/Kirner government that preceded it. He will also push for an open public inquiry into the rising crime rate and the administration of justice in Victoria. Five of Hoser's books have detailed corruption in the justice system.

Hoser's decision to stand for the seat of Frankston East has come after he was swamped with calls from Frankston locals asking him to stand. Support for the previous independent member was huge and it was feared that without a high-calibre independent candidate, the seat may go back to being Liberal or Labor for want of alternatives. Hoser said 'A vote for either Liberal or Labor is a wasted seat'. 'Frankston constituents don't want a "yes man" who will do nothing for them, when they come to him with a problem, because they may upset their party in government'.

Hoser is aged 37 and married with a daughter. He runs a small publishing company and before that drove a taxi for over ten years. He is also a zoologist.

Further Information: AAC Campaign Office 03 XXX Author Raymond Hoser on 0412-777-211 (all hours) Campaign updates at: Hoser's books website is at: or mirror sites.

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