The Snakeman is Raymond HoserThe Snake man Raymond Hoser
- the most recognised experience of all in Australia's snakes….
While it could be argued that this is a subjective claim, there are readily measurable criteria, which easily put the snake man Raymond Hoser on top.
The snake man's experience is seen in the published papers in peer reviewed and other journals, books and similar and then of course how frequently they are cited as definitive by snake experts in their own publications, as well as such things as species of snake and reptile discovered and named, other new discoveries and the like. The snake man's record exceeds that of all other Australian herpetologists.
For those doing a check on Snakebusters/the Snake man Raymond Hoser, below is a quick rundown on snake man Raymond Hoser's expertise in Australian snakes and reptiles.
The snake man's CV so to speak follows. However it is only a brief summary of the snake man's CV at that. But most importantly it is all easily verified.
If comparing Snakebusters to another reptile show outfit or "snake handling course" teacher, just ask a few basic questions of the other. What qualifications they have. How much experience (in years)?. And note that it's easy for a person to claim many years experience, without being able to prove it. But here's a way to get the proof. Ask for copies of journal papers and articles they've published on reptiles. That's always a good way to set a timeline on their serious reptile activity. No scientific or technical papers in recognised publications, indicates no serious or generally accepted reptile expertise at the time in question. In other words, if a person claims snake and reptile expertise spanning, say, twenty years, but doesn't have hard copy publications going back that far, then treat the claim with the skepticism it deserves.
Be generous if you want and say you accept tabloid news clips. Try getting something more than 20 years old. You won't get that from any Snakebusters competitors, but you will from us!
Here's a brief rundown of the snake man Raymond Hoser's reptile qualifications. The snake man started catching and keeping reptiles at age four or five (1967) and published his first paper on them at age 14. He's since published over 150 definitive scientific papers and articles on all manner of reptiles, their taxonomy, captive husbandry, breeding, medicine, ecology, genetics, venom properties and so on. You'll see the list starts from about 1980, which was when Raymond Hoser was in his teens and has been continuous since then showing a non-stop activity with reptiles over the following three decades. Yes you can even view most of these papers online (Click on this text) and with the original hard copy citations to enable you to verify them all.
Few, if any other Australian herpetologists can make such a claim. Hoser's papers and articles are routinely cited by peers and his book "Australian Reptiles and Frogs" is one of Australia's benchmark publications, still regarded as a reference of choice, even though the 240 page book came out way back in 1989.
Snake man Raymond Hoser has had hands-on direct experience with most Australian reptile species, including all the well-known ones and the most "dangerous", be they snakes, lizards or crocodiles.
Most types of reptiles have been kept by snake man Raymond Hoser over the years and keeping methods he trialled first have since become standard, although notwithstanding this, Raymond's also been quick to adopt other people's ideas when they were superior to earlier methods, and unlike a (small number of) certain others in the reptile game, Raymond has always cited other people's works and credited them when due. This again is easily verifiable by checking out the citations lists at the ends of Raymond's books and papers (click here for examples).
In terms of "firsts" no one else comes close to Snake man Raymond Hoser.
Here's just a few …

Put simply, in four decades, Australia's Snake Man, Raymond Hoser has been at the leading edge of Australian herpetology, whether it's been the science of classification and identification, the science of keeping and breeding, the practicalities of conservation and so on.

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