New snake bite death due to culpable bahaviour by Manningham council officials Errol Wilkins and councillors Young and Dale.

Dear all,
On Sunday 23 Oct2005 a resident at Donvale had a Tiger Snake in their yard and called council for a local snake removalist.
The person on the phone was unhelpful and rude and refused to give any contact details for anyone.
The residents were unable to anything about the snake as shortly after it was seen it had gone into thick vegetation on the property.
The following Sunday (30 Oct) their beloved family pet dog (of 7 years) was bitten and killed by the Tiger Snake.
The residents managed to get the phone number of snakebusters (a local business) and called me (Raymond Hoser) on Monday 31 Oct.  It took all of about 2 minutes to find and remove the snake - an adult female Tiger Snake of nearly 1 metre long.  It was aggressive, even by Tiger Snake standards.
This is the FOURTH instance we know of where a local resident has lost a pet dog due to the refusal of Manningham council to hand out the phone number of  Ramond Hoser/snakebusters or other snake catchers (assuming any others are available, which doesn't seem to be the case - certainly none so close).
Last year (2004) an external consultant employed by Manningham council directed council to refer snake enquiries to Raymond Hoser, but this was overruled by Errol Wilkins, John Bennie and Pat Young, all of whom must now be held culpable for this latest death.
The matter should be reported by the media and the named council people should pay financial compensation to the ratepayers.
The contact details of the pet owners at Donvale are:
AA Farley and C Lehmer at 26 Flora Road, Donvale (Off Berrima Road), 9841-6462 or 0438542839
An earlier incident of similar nature (dead dog), occurred in Rainbow Valley Road, Park Orchards, just a few hundred metres from Hoser's house in Park Orchards.
Raymond Hoser is standing for council in the Mullum Mullum ward in the upcoming elections.
Public safety and the deliberate neglect of it by Pat Young is one of the planks Hoser is standing for.
Hoser is also concerned about the wastage of money by Young (ratepayer's money) on her own private business, to the amount of tens of thousands of dollars, which if not illegal is unethical and money better spent on child care, aged care and the environment.
We note that Pat Young's rhetoric and claims do not match the reality.
STOP PRESS - SIMILAR INCIDENT on Wed 3 November 05 at the house of Jeff at 58 Hartley Road, Wonga Park - Phone: 9722-2307 - fortunately there were no casualties.  That snake - a Copperhead, still at large due to the time it took for the owner to find a local snake catcher - council were unhelpful and a snake catcher was eventually found via a wildlife rescue group.
Further inquiries - Raymond Hoser - 0412 777 211
Snakebusters reptile removals website - click here.

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