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No Jail for Hoser

Raymond Hoser, rogue cabbie and longtime whistleblower faced the Supreme Court in Melbourne on 6 December charged with contempt by "scandalising" the courts in his book "Victorian Police Corruption 2".
He was convicted and fined $5,000 and is up for an estimated $30,000 in costs. The Crown had sought to have Hoser put behind bars. Luckily for Hoser and his young family the Crown failed in its attempt.
Hoser might have escaped a fine had he said "sorry", but as he does not consider he is "guilty as charged", he declined. He is now planning to launch an appeal which may take up to three years to be heard.
With a stream of barristers and judges being accused of and convicted for tax fraud, one wonders if it would not be more appropriate these characters be charged with "scandalising" the courts.

Cabbie - Australian Taxi Drivers' Own Magazine - November 2001, page nine.

Article as originally published.

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