Herpetofauna 33(2) 2003:111.

A Bicephalic Coastal Queensland carpet snake, Morelia Spilota macdowelli (Serpentes: Pythonidae).

Raymond Hoser
488 Park Road, Park Orchards, Victoria, 3134.
E-mail: (see bottom of webpage)

Dale Gibbons
1 Eiles Road, Maiden Gully, Victoria, 3551
E-mail: XXXX

Recently, Maryan (2001) reported bicephalism in two elapids, an Acanthophis wellsi x Acanthophis pyrrhus/Acanthophis wellsi hybrid, and Pseudonaja affinis. This note reports a case in the python Morelia spilota mcdowelli.

A clutch of eggs hatched in 1996 from a mating between a pair of coastal Queensland carpet snakes in the collection of Victoria reptile breeder Dale Gibbons included a single bicephalic offspring, with head and anterior necks separated (Fig. 1). The other hatchlings were normal. Both heads of the bicephalic hatchling were active and flicked out their tongues and the snake externally appeared healthy. However, it died within a month of birth. The cause of death was not determined.


Maryan, B. 2001. A note on a bicephalic Death Adder. Herpetofauna 31(1): 73.


Below:Bicephalic hatchling carpet python, Morelia spilota mcdowelli (Photo: R. Hoser)

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