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Ordering hard copies.

All cost $70 each to order as hard copy, including postage anywhere. All but issues 1-7 are 64 pages or more. They are printed with colour and B/W and on quality gloss paper. To order any issues see below.
Where more than one paper is within a single issue, they will be of similar subject matter. Online versions may be broken up to yield one paper per download or perhaps the entire issue, depending on what is deemed simplest for the purposes of upload and download (by others).

Because this journal’s publication is both irregular by date and size, each issue can be purchased separately.

While we do not guarantee availability of copies of the print version for distribution more than 6 months after the publication date as indicated in each issue (reserving rights to run out of copies sooner if demand is unexpectedly high), it is our effort to maintain availability beyond this (and this has remained the case since inception to at least mid 2017).  In the unlikely event that we receive an order we cannot fill, money will be refunded either in total or in part if there is a multiple issue order which can be partially filled.

If applicable, we shall add a processing fee. The “processing fee” is essentially that charged by the banks to us.

Most people will find the cheapest and easiest way to order is to add $10 to the cost (per $100 or part thereof) and use their credit card (Visa/Diners/Amex only) and using the form below.

If ordering by transferring money direct to our account, via online or wire transfer, add $40 per hundred dollars or part thereof and follow the instructions below.

Other payment methods are more costly but include those listed below:

For all Australian Cheques (drawable on Australian banks only and in Australian currency) add $10 (per $100 or part thereof) to the total price and post to the address on the form below.

For all Australian Postal Money Orders in Australian currency add $10 (per $100 or part thereof) to the total price and post to the address on the form below.

For international cheques and money orders, written either in foreign currency or drawable on non-Australian bank branches, add $40 per $100 or part thereof to payment and use the form below.



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