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About the journal.

Published simultaneously in print and online (online published one month after hard copy print run of at least 50, plus or minus up to a week), it is designed to fill a void in the scientific literature.

Subjected to a formalized “peer review” process, it is of high quality and aims to provide in permanent record, important contributions to the biological sciences.  While our title suggests our core area of interest, we publish important material relating to other areas of biological science.

Included here are the subjects of classification, ecology, legal and captivity, including from regions outside Australasia and about all living things.

The journal’s advantages over other publications include the following:

·        Strict procedures in place to avoid undue censorship of material that may be unpleasant to vested or powerful interests, enabling publication of quality material, including of a leading nature that may be refused elsewhere.

·        The “peer review” process is formalized and effectively restricted to factual correctness and quality control, enabling authors maximum control over what they publish and how it appears in final published form.

·        Publication and distribution in print form to enable strict compliance with the ICZN’s and other relevant codes and rules.

·        Simultaneous internet publication and access via a well-known name server ( to enable the widest possible and most rapid distribution of the work, enabling rapid dissemination of key outcomes.

·        A pre-publication process that is open, transparent and allows important work to be properly published at a speed far quicker than many comparable publications, including as requested by authors.

·        We also publish long papers and monographs that may not be published elsewhere or alternatively are drastically cut short in the editorial process (by removal of large blocks of relevant data and evidentiary material), thereby reducing overall quality of material or forcing interested persons to contact authors post publication seeking extra data.

·        Each edition of the journal is numbered simply and sequentially, and often only contains a single paper, making distribution simple and effective in that potential readers are able to obtain only the paper/s that interest them, as opposed to excessive amounts of paperwork that is not read and/or wastes space and resources.

·        There are no burdensome costs for “subscribers”.

·        The “single paper per issue” policy enables “issue by issue” changes to font, layout and other features so as to enable maximum impact of given publications.

·        Print copies are distributed at low cost as seen on the relevant pages selling copies, until the first print run is exhausted. In the six years to 2015, sold out issues have been reprinted in lots of 50 in identical form to satisfy demand.

·        Print and online editions are of identical appearance making citation and the like elsewhere simple and effective.

·        Publication size is A4 being the most effective size for reading, copying and distribution, with general use of fonts and the like designed for maximum results.

·        Our policy of “simple language when possible” enables authors to target their findings to the maximum possible audience.

·        While authors bear print publishing costs, these are levied at around cost and are generally affordable to all likely contributors.  This enables the use of colour as required giving publications maximum potential impact or benefit.

·        All published authors receive pdf copies of their papers a month after publication (plus or minus up to a week) for immediate dissemination.

·        Save for the requirements of the work to be original and “new” (see author’s guidelines), and of factual correctness and integrity of experimental data presented, as well as quality control, the editors have no vested interests or refusal policy.

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