Australasian Journal of HerpetologyAustralasian Journal of Herpetology ®
Issue 40, published 10 July 2019

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Page two - contents.

Eight new skink genera and 45 newly named species associated with Emoia Gray, 1845 sensu lato that reflects ancient divergence and recent speciation within the assemblage (Reptilia: Squamata).
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 3-49.

A new species of Tree Kangaroo, Genus Dendrolagus Müller, 1840 from Tembagapura, Mimika, Irian Jaya, Indonesia..
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 50-55.

New subspecies of the Australian Bandy Bandy Vermicella Gray, 1841 (Serpentes: Elapidae).
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 56-58.

Two new subspecies of Mulga Dragon Caimanops amphiboluroides (Lucas and Frost, 1902) (Squamata: Agamidae).
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 59-61.

Hi-tech medicine and surgery! Super Glue as a means to fix open wounds in reptiles.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 62-64.

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Full list of newly named genera, subgenera, species and subspecies in Issue 40 of AJH.

71 pages - Full list of new taxon listings in the official ICZN database, Zoobank (in Issue 40 of AJH).

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