Australasian Journal of HerpetologyAustralasian Journal of Herpetology ®
Issue 30, published 10 Nov 2015

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Two new legless lizards from Eastern Australia (Reptilia: Squamata: Sauria: Pygopodidae).
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 3-6.

A division of the Meso-American lizard genus Laemanctus Wiegmann, 1834 as currently recognized, with the formal description of a new genus, new species and a new subspecies.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 7-10.

Two new genera of Lacertid lizards (Reptilia: Squamata: Sauria: Lacertidae) from the Middle-east.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 11-17.

Two hitherto overlooked subspecies of Papuan Python Liasis (Apodora) papuana Peters and Doria, 1878 from New Guinea.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 18-20.

Hitherto overlooked species of reptile from Northern Australia: A result of science, taxonomy, molecular biology, systematics, history and forensic herpetology.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 21-27.

A new taxonomy for the Vipera latastei species complex (Serpentes: Viperidae).
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 28-36.

Australian agamids: Eighteen new species from the genera Amphibolurus Wagler, 1830, Lophognathus Gray, 1842, Rankinia Wells and Wellington, 1984, Diporiphora Gray, 1842, Tympanocryptis Peters, 1863, as well as three new genera and six new subgenera.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 37-64.

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