Australasian Journal of HerpetologyAustralasian Journal of Herpetology

Issue 16, published 29 April 2013

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Tidying up the taxonomy of the extant Booidea, including the erection and naming of two new families, the description of Acrantophis sloppi sp. nov., a new species of Ground Boa from Madagascar and Candoia aspera iansimpsoni, subsp. nov., a new subspecies of Boa from Papua New Guinea.

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 3-8.


Further division of the genera Boiga Fitzinger, 1826 and Chrysopelea Boie, 1826, with the creation of a new tribe, a new genus and a new subgenus.

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 9-14.


Making sense of the mess ... A new and workable sea-snake taxonomy with nomenclature to match!

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 15-18.


The taxonomy of the snake genus Broghammerus Hoser, 2004 revisited, including the creation of a new subgenus for Broghammerus timoriensis (Peters, 1876).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 19-26.


Adelynhoserserpenae wellsi, a new species of Jumping Pitviper from Mexico (Serpentes: Viperidae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 27-30.


Divisions within the snake genera Cylindrophis Wagler, 1828 (Cylindrophiidae Fitzinger, 1843) and Anomochilus Berg, 1901 (Anomochilidae Cundall, Wallach and Rossman, 1993).

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 31-38.


The description of new snake subgenera, species and subspecies from Australia (Squamata:Serpentes).

... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 39-52.


An updated taxonomy of the living Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys Gray, 1856), with descriptions of a new tribe, new species and new subspecies. ... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 53-63.


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